Tuesday, November 10, 2009

100 SALES!!!!!!

Two new Etsy Scarflettes

Two of my recent commissions

I reached 100 sales on my Etsy site the other day. I am so happy! Thank you to all who helped support me and my handmade knitted accessories. I really appreciate it. Hubby made me a crab dinner to celebrate, yes he is the sweetest. So here are some new scarflettes, and a few that I did for a commission that I love. I was asked to make the scarflettes 6 inches wide instead of 4, and I really like the way they turned out. Off to eat dinner!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Whole Lotta Scarflettes

If you can't tell, I've mainly been focusing on Scarflettes lately, which I'm really excited about. They are my favorite knitted item to make, and I have a bunch of new yarn colors. I just got a Wholesale account set up too, which I'm super happy about. So if you're interested in doing Wholesale, please let me know! These Scarflettes will all be available on Etsy sometime during this week.

I discovered this amazing website yesterday. It's called Sacred Groves. The woman that owns this gorgeous land in Washington is incredible. She is pretty much what I aspire to be one day. She offers a multitude of workshops and classes, retreats, and gets to live in a green, lush forest, surrounded by nature. She believes in a mix of Goddess and Native American Spirituality, so she offers a lots of retreats on Goddess spirituality, and things related to that, and she was a Midwife. I found her through the Offbeat Mama website, who is the same woman that runs the Offbeat Bride website. I visited the Offbeat Bride website frequently when I was planning our wedding, and now she has had a baby, so she runs the Offbeat Mama site now too. She is awesome, and she is the daughter of the woman who owns Sacred Groves. What a cool family! Enjoy your day :)